Friday, November 2, 2012

Last night at hospital, first night home!

Wednesday night we "roomed-in" with the girls. This means we are the sole caretakers for them during the night. The only thing the nurses did was bring us the heated bottles. It went pretty well! The girls are on a 3 hour schedule, so we stuck with their routine. Once you feed for 30+minutes, then pump, little time is left to sleep! ;) They did well until between 3:00-5:00 they decided to trade off turns crying!

We were discharged early Thursday morning. We were pleased to find out we were not going to have to add formula to the twins' bottles for added calories. They have been growing so well, 20 calories from breastmilk is enough! We have an appointment with the pediatrician Monday afternoon, so we will see how they have grown.

Matt was pleased we passed the carseat installation check!  We were sad to say goodbye to the wonderful nurses and staff of the NICU. The have loved our girls so much, and we are forever grateful. 

Finally headed home! 23 days after they were born!

 The girls fell asleep in their carseats, so we just left them in them. The dogs met the girls for the first time. 

Kate's first moments home were spent cleaning her up after a diaper explosion all over her, the carseat, and my shirt! :)

It's so wonderful to FINALLY be able to have them side-by-side. No cords, no beeping, no need to weigh their diapers!

Last night went pretty well too! Little sleep, but glad to have them home! We were just talking about how blessed we are. I can't believe I'm a mom of twins, and they are finally home! :)


  1. You look great!! The girls are precious! So glad you are all home together! Enjoy those sleepless nights. I sound crazy, right? This sweet time with newborns goes by fast!

  2. Amen for the no cords and no more beeping! :) So so glad your girls are home with you and Matt. You guys have been troopers. You’re the best momma already!

  3. Answer to many prayers!! They are BEAUTIFUL...but you already knew that! Trust me, you CAN live without sleep. I'm sure baby Kate will thank you one day for your graphic comments about her homecoming!!!

  4. Oh my! They are beautiful! You are blessed and BUSY!