Thursday, November 15, 2012

Newborn Pictures

My friend Amy Hough  took the girls' newborn pictures. It was quite the task getting both of them asleep and calm. They HATED being naked, but sure enjoyed going to the bathroom on everything while naked! ;) At one point I was ready to give up because they wouldn't calm down. Amy was determined to try more. We wrapped them in crib sheets (it was the only white things that were still clean), and waited a little while for them to sleep soundly. Amy Hough did a great job getting them set to have some great pictures! 

 Here is the link to the Facebook sneak peak. Madeline and Katherine Newborns

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  1. Okay I just looked at those pics and they are GORGEOUS. Love love love them. So glad you all are home! I was just at the hospital this evening visiting friends that just delivered twin girls today. (-: