Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our first "babies"

These two pups are starting to adjust to babies at home! 

I was a sworn non-dog lover...but then we got Lily...and then Bula (pronounced Boo-la it means hello in Fiji). I am now a sworn dog lover. I have dog hair on my clothes, carpet, and could sweep every 20 minutes and still pick up dirt. I would have laughed 5 years ago if you told me my house would be a home to two dirty dogs. At times they drive me insane and just add to the chaos, but other times they provide a calmness. 

I was anxious about how they would do with the girls coming home. Bula could have cared less and payed no attention. Lily was spending most of the first few days smelling everything and everyone around the house constantly. We had even brought blankets and clothes home from the hospital, but the smell still seemed unfamiliar. Matt and I have really worked with them on giving space from the girls and staying back. They have finally caught on! Lily now runs upstairs to her kennel when the girls start crying...haha She has had enough with the noise! 

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