Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Products We Love

When I was pregnant, I sought out other's opinions about great baby products. I especially wanted to know what worked for moms of multiples. Many products work for some babies and not for others. I wanted to share a few products that  we love and view as essential! 

Boppy Newborn Lounger:
We use these constantly! Since I bottle feed the girls majority of the time, the newborn lounger has been a huge help. They fit perfectly in them now. The lounger is also great during some wake time to read to the girls or talk to them. I've seen many older children use them also as big pillows! 

Gerber Essential bottles: 
Bottles are always a big question with newborns and during pregnancy. I bought several different types of bottles to try with the girls (Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee, Avent). Madeline will take Avent bottles during the day, but once she gets tired or lazy it is difficult for her. I don't know if it is mainly because my girls are preemies, but it has been a struggle to find bottles that work for them. Finally, we decided to try the old-fashioned and VERY cheap Gerber Essential bottles. They are great! Both girls take from them quickly! I'm thankful to not spend a large amount of money on more expensive bottles! 

Mrs. Meyer's Baby Laundry Detergent: 
I love Mrs. Meyer's products, and I LOVE the smell of this detergent. I found it at Whole Foods, but they don't consistently carry it. I ordered in bulk off of Amazon. 

Fisher Price Rock-n-Play:
We use the Rock-n-Play with Kate and Maddie almost every day. They are GREAT for reflux babies because they can nap with an incline. It is easy to place a fussy baby in them, and use your foot to gently rock them. Hands free! Instead of having two swings (one takes up enough room), we use the Rock-n-Play. Some people I know have even used this product for the first weeks a baby is home. It easily folds up, can be transported, and takes up little room! 

Diaper Genie:
Hides the smell, emptied easily...a must have! 

Arm and Hammer Diaper bag dispenser and bags:
Yes, this is exactly the same idea as doggy bags for poop. Some genius decided to market them to moms. It was a great idea! It is essential for dirty diapers out or even putting dirty clothes in during those unexpected blow outs! 

Miracle Blanket:
We used the Swaddle Me blankets when the twins first arrived home. They were good, but the Miracle blanket is great! It swaddles them so tight and is easy to wrap. You don't have to worry about a blanket coming loose while they are sleeping. 

Moms on Call book:
I heard of Moms on Call through another blog and a friend who was reading the book. During my pregnancy I read several other books, such as, Baby Wise. When I read the Moms on Call book, I felt like I finally had real tools to help me. For example, what do I REALLY do when a baby cries in the middle of the night. The book gives you steps to take to get your babies sleeping through the night. It offers example schedules to help you develop a routine with your baby. Moms on Call is run by two nurses, so the book also offers tips for dealing with hygiene and other medical issues. It is GREAT! 


  1. I don't think Elliott would have ever slept if it hadn't been for the miracle blanket and the nap nanny! Love those 2 things! I'm enjoying following your blog and seeing the girls. I'm in awe of moms with multiples. It's hard for me to imagine, but it sounds like you're a natural!

  2. Love the list..it will be helpful as I get ready for my little one! I've enjoyed reading your blog and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog, http://everythingshunkydorey.blogspot.com/, to check it out!! Congrats!