Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's all pink!

It's official...we will be having 2 baby girls! Right now it still appears they are identical! Crazy! We pretty much knew at our 16 week appointment that one of the babies was a girl, due to them sharing a placenta the other was assumed to be a girl. Matt and I had to take a little time to wrap our minds around 2 girls. We are so excited, yet the thought of raising girls seems like so much more pressure than boys. I know that the Lord will grant us wisdom along the way on how to raise girls who love Him.

 Pregnancy Highlights:

 How Far Along: 21 weeks Size of babies: 8 in. 1 lbs. (They are already so cramped, I can't even begin to imagine when they are closer to full term) 

Maternity Clothes: Half and half still. It's going to be hard to put away the maternity jeans after...they are so comfortable! Haha

Gender: Two girls

Movement: Yes, all the time. I felt them like crazy during church Sunday, I guess the music got them going. The ultrasound tech asked if I drank coffee before my appointment because they were moving so much. I hadn't...

Sleep: Off and on. I get comfortable for a little bit, then something happens like my arm falls asleep or my hip hurts...

Symptoms: I really feel pretty great except for some occasional nerve pain.

 What I miss: Crossfit workouts I can do fully. Fitting into clothes. Pre-pregnancy clear skin

Cravings: Everything that contains Gluten, that I can't eat!  

 Best Moment this week: One has to do with our current "babies"(dogs), and the other our real "babies."
1. Our dogs somehow pushed our fence open last week in the morning and started enjoy a day roaming through the neighborhood. Thankfully during the day there are so many workers in yards and people out that a sweet lady got Bula (our friend to everyone dog), and took her to the vet. We looked from about 10 am until 7 pm for Lily (our shy, scared of all things strange dog.) I was mad that my husband had somehow converted me to a dog person. I also thought people were crazy when they would be upset after losing a i get it! We were extremely worried that she had just run off to hide somewhere. Thankfully we found her running down the middle of our street...huge tongue hanging out and all...relief!
2. The "big" ultrasound finding out the gender and confirming all things look good with the babies! The ultrasound took 2 one point I had to have her stop because I thought I was about to pass out, or throw up...the last 20 minutes were not as enjoyable...ha

What I am looking forward to: Deciding on names!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'll never...

People always say, "never say never." Yet for some reason we all still do it. I've already begun to "break" some of my past "I'll never" statements. (I know this is only the beginning since parenthood is just around the corner.)

1) "I'll never post a picture of a sonogram on the internet." However,  it becomes just so amazing to watch their growth, and maybe a little creepy at times too! ha

Older picture 12 weeks

2) "I'll never complete one of these"...But then it becomes a way to track your growth for "memories." 

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 19.5 Weeks
Size of babies: 6.5 in, 10 oz. 
Maternity Clothes: Bought a pair of maternity's heavenly! Clothes fit awkwardly right now, some show off the belly, some are too short, some make me look like a tent. It's rough...and I've got a long way to go! ;) 
Gender: Find out officially on the 25th
Movement: Yes! They were both breech at the last appointment, and I have a feeling they haven't rotated much. Every kick and jab is low, but still pretty faint. 
Sleep: Pregnancy does prepare you for parenthood some. My summer days of sleeping soundly and comfortably are already over. I was a stomach/right side sleeper before, so I can't ever seem to get comfortable! 
Symptoms: More recently I feel full ALL the time and have some heartburn. Also I can't tell if I pulled by back working out or if its ligament pain. Not fun! 
What I miss: I'll try to make this list slim! ;) Clothes fitting. Feeling like I can breath! Being able  to eat a meal with feeling stuffed after 3 bites! Doing a Crossfit workout all out. 
Cravings: If these babies don't one day beg for Sour Patch Kids I will be shocked! ;) 
Best Moment this week: Being reminded how faithful God is, and how blessed we are! 
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the genders of the twins! Praying they will be able to determine there are two placentas instead of one at the next appointment. 

3) I'll never put up a picture of my "baby bump." I know this day is coming...but not today! Maybe if my friend Michelle encourages me enough I'll succumb to the pressure! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A walk down memory lane...

You are often identified at some point in life by where you went to college. With a reluctant heart almost 10 years ago, I followed the Lord's lead to Ouachita Baptist University. At times I wonder if I would have had more "fun" somewhere else, or even chosen a different degree path...But then I spend time with "my girls" and I don't regret a minute of my OBU days!

The journey is amazing that you walk through with dear friends over the coarse of nearly ten years. From dates, late nights (I was admittedly a grandma and didn't have as many of these as others haha), sorority functions, graduation, weddings, and now babies we have been together. A little walk down memory lane...
OBU Football Games
Tiger Tunes

Rachel's Engaged
Kansas City Weekend

My Wedding
Kimbo's Wedding

Amy's Surprise Birthday

Jordan's Engaged

Michelle's Engaged

Most recently we have had baby showers and Nicole's wedding. We see each other often, but it is rare for ALL of us to be there. We have been in little spoiled in recent weeks to have so much time together. 

7 people (Me with twins, BethAnn with Eden, and Amy with Baby Boy Remington)
Getting ready at Kimbo's mom's like old times

Words can't describe how thankful I am for these girls!!!!!

I can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!