Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day!

 These two precious babies say, "Happy Father's Day"

to their wonderful, compassionate, patient, tender-hearted, servant-minded, Christ-seeking Dad... 

All your girls love you very much! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

8 Months!

Perfect example: One baby is climbing, while the other is fussing for me! ;) 
To be honest, this month has been tough...really tough. Two teething babies, throw in separation anxiety, poor naps, waking early in the morning...everything has just seemed a bit out of whack! I've tried to hold it together most days...but I sure had my moments! 

There have been some precious moments of having twins, too! They laugh at each other, play with each other, and now have started sleeping as close as possible in their separate cribs! 

-Still in 3-6 months clothes, but having a hard time now because they are all getting too short!
-You will probably go to Kindergarten and say your name is "Kate-Kate." For some reason you have so many nicknames! Kater, Kater-tot, Kater-ade, Lil-bits, Squirrely...I'm sorry now for any embarrassment this may bring!
-Army crawl so fast! Yesterday, you dumped the dog's water bowl all over yourself and Maddie! Just a little swim in the kitchen floor!
-4 teeth showing, but top two are still working their way down
-You were NOT a fan of the church nursery! We will keep trying!

-You seem so heavy to us! Growing out of 3-6 month clothes
-4 teeth! Cutting the top two teeth was VERY hard on you! But, you have been one happy girl since they came in!
-Your new favorite noises is this laughing, "ha-ha" sound that is very loud! That is what you are doing in the picture! You do it to the dogs too!
-Started to army crawl, and you rock on your hands and knees a lot. You just tend to be a little more laid back about moving around!
-You enjoyed a few nights of sleeping with me at Matt's parents (which we have never done...but you seemed to enjoy it! ha)...Night one: you really seemed in pain...Night two: I didn't want to leave you to cry/fuss for the whole house to hear...Night three: You totally figured out what you were doing! :) As soon as we came home, all was back to normal!


-Finally starting to show more interest in baby food! I have started giving them  Puffs every now and then. It helps entertain them out at dinner too! 
-Still can't get the hang of a sippy cup
-Some days they eat great...others not so much! Bottles 4 times a day, usually about 20-25oz total
-Still on Enfacare (extra calorie formula). They MAY get off at 9 months, but by the looks of how small K&M both are I'm thinking closer to 12 months. Praying that at 12 months they both can switch to whole milk and a "normal" diet. 
-I started both back on Prevacid just once a day. They were both burping a lot, and fussing more when spitting up. We will try again soon to wean off of it!

-Both girls have actually done fairly well with sleep despite teething...but it has still been tough during naps. 
-Still praying for the good nap days to out number the bad! ;) I'm convinced that both just may not be fabulous nappers! Do some babies seriously take a 2-3 hour afternoon nap?!?! I'm happy to get 1hr 30min out of them! :) I keep them in their crib for at least 1hr 15min...and as Moms on Call says, you can either "cry, play, or sleep." If the crying escalates, I go get them...can't take the full crying for long! ;) 
-Sleep still from 7:00ish-7:00ish...but for a few weeks they started waking early...sometimes as early as 6:00! I try to leave them all as long as I can. Most days they talk, fuss, or fall back asleep.
-Gone are the days of them sleeping soundly in the car for trips! Maddie napped a total of 15 minutes last trip! The drive to Fayetteville has become much more difficult! I'm debating on bringing a sound machine in the car and giving that a try!?!

I know I say this every month, but I just am amazed by God's blessings. I have TWO miracle babies! This time last year we were constantly worrying about their growth, blood flow, etc...I have to stop myself in the tough moments and remember how God has chosen us to raise K&M. There is no harder job, but no greater job either! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Swim

A few weeks ago we were at Matt's parents' house, and decided to let the girls have their first swim! It was a little chilly, but both loved it! We are all looking forward to having a free pool once we move! 
Plus, swimming+sun+babies=great naps! ;) 

So cute in their swimsuits!

Matt teaching Kate to blow bubbles

Maddie wasn't in the greatest of moods! ;)