Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Long overdue!

I'm LONG overdue for a blog update. It has definitely been forgotten about! 

Here is a glimpse of life lately:

Hays _(no middle name yet because I can't decide)____ Adams will join us June 10th, if not sooner! Hays is Matthew's middle name, and his paternal grandmother's maiden name. The Hays/Hay family is from Scotland/Ireland. Their is much history to his name! His nursery will be decorated with pictures of the Hay Castle, crest, and hopefully even the kilt pattern! 

He is measuring big, which is a whole new territory for us! :) 

The only baby bump picture so far! This was a month ago (23ish wks), so I'm now 27 and showing much more. I'm still feeling great, but starting to have much more difficulty bending, lifting, etc. I'm carrying much lower than with Kate and Maddie, and of course showing more! Gaining weight well, and craving all things sour! :) I may or may not have gone to the store with Sour Patch Kids as the main purchase of the trip! 


These two are the best of friends! Don't get me wrong they will fight over a toy like crazy some days, but they are also so sweet to each other. I love to watch them laugh and laugh at each other. 


 We have finally had some days of warmer weather! It's amazing how warm 55 and sunny feels, after a long/cold/snowy winter! Kate and Maddie love, love, love being outside! Can't wait for more Spring days!

Matt's parents added goats to their farm around Christmas. Kate and Maddie LOVE them! Maddie likes to be more at a distance though! ;)