Friday, May 31, 2013

Cousin Time

Dad, Kate, Me, Maddie, Henry, Jennifer, and Mary Hannah

The best we could do with 3 infants!

My sister came to visit from North Carolina with her two kids a few weeks ago. It was a quick stop for them here in Little Rock, and they spent much of their time in Jonesboro with my parents. Kate and Maddie LOVED their cousin Henry, who is 4. He loved on them and thought they were hilarious! Mary Hannah (in the carrier napping) is a little over two months younger than Kate and Maddie.

Kate and Maddie had their first time in a swing. They LOVED it! We spent some much needed time outside at the park. It was special to take the girls to this park because my mom, and my sister and I grew up playing in this park. 

It will be awhile until we are all together again. I know that it will be A LOT louder, crazier, and more eventful the next time around! :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

7 Months!

Did I not just write their 6 month post?!? We have had a busy month! The wedding, parties, visiting friends, loading up almost daily to show the house..etc...The girls have done great with a faster pace on many days. The days have seemed to pass very quickly! 

This has been a great age! I know my days of being able to leave them in a room to play together are limited, because they will soon be on the move! 

Weight: 13 lbs 4oz last week
Length: 23 1/2 in.
-Two bottom teeth have just broken through
-NEVER stop moving! You roll, flip, kick, twist...won't stay still especially when I'm trying to change your diaper!
-Think it is hilarious when I count with my fingers
-Surprised, but you are pulling up some. You have started doing it holding on to me, but then yesterday did it in a chair on your own. The hard part is you are too short to reach most things to pull up on! ;)
-Again, I'm surprised at how well you are sitting up! You have made great progress in the last two weeks! I still leave a pillow behind you due to your need to move frequently!
-Your crib is the closest to the door. My favorite thing is to see your sweet smile when I walk in!
-Love the dogs, and love being outside
-Still our little talker! We laugh because it sounds like you are saying "boom, boom" sometimes. 

Weight: 14 lbs .5 oz
Length: 24 1/2 in.
-Two bottom teeth
-Our observant one. You are VERY aware of sounds and what is going on around you.
-We are still having some tears with "strangers"'s odd because sometimes you cry with people who have been around you the most! ;)
-Easy to make laugh! You think Dad is hilarious!
-Sitting up well!
-You are a toy hoarder and have an obsession with trying to chew on your sister! She does not appreciate it with your new teeth!
-Love the dogs, and love being outside
-I love to hear you squeal in your crib...even if it is at 6:30 am! ;)

Lily wanted in on the pictures
-4 bottles/day...still don't eat very much (20-25oz), but are gaining weight!
-Started solids...some days interested, others could care less! Showing some signs of texture issues with less pureed foods. You have meals 2-3 times a day depending on what we are doing
-TRYING to learn to use a sippy cup...we have a ways to go! 
-Maddie is more into solids, but Kate does love anything with pears! 
-Off Prevacid!!! We are still trying to be cautious if the seem like they are hurting again. But so far, so good!

-Naps have improved SO much! Once they were both able to roll back and forth naps became much better. We still have our rough days here and there. They take a morning nap (9-10:30) and afternoon nap (1:00-2:30ish). I think we have finally reached the point where they don't need a late afternoon cat nap. Sometimes they will fall asleep for about 15 minutes or so.
-It's frustrating at times because when one area improves...another area seems to change...We have early risers! Lately one or both of them typically is making noise around 6:30/6:45...Sometimes they fall back asleep, sometimes they fuss, and sometimes they just play in their crib. I usually don't go into get them until 7:00ish. 
-Bedtime bottle at 7:00, then down by 7:30. 

There are many moment when I look at Kate and Maddie and wonder why God chose us? I feel enormously blessed to have TWO healthy, happy (most the time), beautiful babies. The weight of raising them in today's world weighs heavy on me at times, but my earnest prayer is for all of their days to bring glory to Him.