Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 6 (Instagram overload)

6 weeks


  • 5 lb 10 oz
  • loves a good afternoon nap :)
  • sleeping 9:30-about 3:00, then til 7:00 when I wake them
  • her new nickname is Kate-Kate...don't know how that started!

Too bad the Hog tails didn't help the Razorbacks win!

  • 6 lb 4 oz
  • fussy in the afternoons and just needs attention!
  • sleeping 9:30-about 3:00 (she lately has been waking up before Kate)
  • I call her Maddie Grace 

Taken after an afternoon bath. Spit up everywhere! :)
Both girls are now on Zantac. We wanted to avoid medication as much as we could, but they were becoming more and more irritable at feedings. Unfortunately, I have TWO spitters! It's constant, like a leaky faucet, and at times could make me go crazy! haha We are now just use to spit up on clothes and sheets. The girls had at doctor's appointment Monday. They hardly gained 2 oz in a week, which is concerning. I had started breastfeeding more, instead of using expressed milk. I'm going to back off again on breastfeeding to be assured of the ounces they are taking each feeding. When the girls were in the NICU, I was content not breastfeeding. I thought I would be fine without "directly" providing for them. For some reason the changes have bothered me. I don't know if it's realizing that we have to take a different path with them than "normal" babies, or if it's my perfectionism getting the best of me. I do know that I will do anything and everything to make sure they grow healthily. We are also supplementing some with 22cal formula to hopefully pack on the weight. Again, all my opinions about using formula go out the window in order to help them. Matt and I pray that their growth rapidly increases in the next few weeks. It's hard to realize that at 6 weeks they are smaller than most newborns! Grow, girls, grow! 

On a positive note...Matt and I were able to have a night out on Saturday. We enjoyed a 50th birthday celebration with a casino theme. Even though we didn't know many people, it was a good break from reality! We were so thankful to Matt's family for babysitting in the middle of Scott's soccer tournament weekend!


  1. They are so cute, love the bath pictures :) It looks like our girls were born just a week apart, and Eleanor was also in the NICU for a week.

  2. My twins were on Zantac but I quickly discovered it was not helping much. I added cereal to their bottles and they stopped refluxing as much. Email with any twin questions clcollyar@gmail.com