Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 weeks old!

4 weeks old

Tummy Time!

The girls are 4 weeks old today, and a month old on Friday. I cannot believe a month of their lives has already passed. We have LOVED having them home for these last few days!

First doctor's appointment:

On our way to the appointment
The twin's appointment went great, except for the chaos of the waiting room. It was so loud! Thankfully the girls sleep through it all, but Matt and I kept laughing at the chaos. It was our first "welcome to the world of kids" moment! 
Maddie all snuggled waiting on the doctor

They have both gained weight since being home. The doctor is continuing to test their anemia for another two weeks. Due to their blood flow being off in utero, they technically develop anemia. Their numbers looked great yesterday, but they will be getting a vitamin with iron once a day. I'm going to take them for a weight check next week. This gives me a little more reassurance that they are growing, especially now that I'm trying to breastfeed more. The doctored also cleared us to let them sleep longer at night, instead of waking them every 3 hours! Matt and I were very happy! :) 


-5 lbs 15oz
-18" long
-Starting to fill out most newborn outfits, especially in the length
-Great napper, but sometimes just needs to be held
-Sleeping 9:00-1:00, the 1:00-5:00ish. I really think she would sleep much longer if we didn't wake her up with her sister! 
-Started to do great at breastfeeding. Eats about 2 1/2 oz when bottle fed. 
-Loves to stretch and be free! 
-Grunts, coos, squeaks a lot
-Not the biggest fan of tummy time. Is starting to lift her head more and try to turn it. 


 -5lbs 1.5oz!!
-17 1/4 inches long
-Finally starting to outgrow premie clothes. Newborn clothes still are HUGE! This mom is ready for them to grow more to wear cute outfits! ;)
-Great napper, but likes to let you know she is here every once and awhile with a little cry. It's sounds almost like she is saying hey! haha
-Sleeping 9:00-about 1:00, then 1:00-5:00ish. I'm still trying to figure out if she is hungry or just crying. 
-Improving on breastfeeding. She doesn't have a good rhythm and gets choked often
-Loves to be swaddled!! 
-Grunts, coos, squeaks
-Does well with tummy time. Turns her head and pushes with her legs. 

I'm in need of advice! I attempted to tandem feed them yesterday. Management nightmare. How do I first get them both on the pillow? Burp them? Even just getting comfortable was difficult! I would love any advice! :)


  1. I nursed my daughter for a year and swore by the My Breast Friend pillow. A friend of mine had twins last year and she loved the twin version. It buckles around you and gives your back support. A few friends have complained about not having enough back support with the Boppy. My daughter was tiny at birth (5 lb. 14 oz) and the Breast Friend pillow worked the best for us.

    I got mine at Babies R Us. Hope that helps.


  2. you might want to feed them sitting on the couch. this way you can lay one babe down while you are settling the first one. feeding in the "football hold" will most likely work best...it's a good hold for small babies and very comfortable. good luck. they are sweet baby girls.

  3. I just rejoice with every new post! You are doing SO good. :) When I started feeding my girls are the same time, I scrapped boppy pillows all together. (But then again, I didn’t tandem feed til they were about 2 ½ months old and a little bit more sturdy. So I’d say just use whatever pillow boosts those lil hineys up to you the best.) I kinda did what Amy was talking about. I would either sit on the couch or in a wider chair, and since Eisley preferred to be on the left, she got laid across my lap and Lola would lay on my right side. I would get Eisley situated first, then with my right arm, I would just sit Lola up to the right side. When she was smaller it was definitely more of a football hold, but as she got bigger she was just pretty much sitting up. Hope that helps!!! :)

  4. I tandem fed from day one (mine are 9 months) and I still do some...I think the best piece of advice is patience!!! It can get CRAZY! But you can prevent some of that by being a bit ahead of the feeding curve and get them into place before they are too hungry. Like the others said, pillow placement helps a TON. I used a regular boppy and placed a pillow under it to lift their heads and pillows on each sides. I think the football hold works best, especially early on, but I have seen it work other ways with two! Feeding them swaddled always helped so that there are no rogue hands. As far as getting into position, when mine were still tiny I would swaddle--lay on the bed or couch on a lounger--get into position myself--then place one baby at at time and latch. Of course, its a ton easier when someone is there to hand you babies!!
    Good luck! They are beautiful!!