Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 weeks and Coming Home!

The girls are coming home!! We had a rough weekend with the girls eating great on their own, but then other times would not take anything. Matt and I both felt a little defeated, and realized they would be in the hospital longer than we originally anticipated. Sunday night we were at their 9 o'clock feeding and started talking with one of the great nurses. She told us that one of the doctors was ready to get the girls home. She told us they needed their feeding tubes out and then they would really eat! The thought of taking a source of food away from such tiny babies made me nervous at first. At that point they were only taking 3-4 out of 8 feedings by bottle. She reassured us that instinct would kick in, and they would eat. Sure enough we walked in Monday morning and were surprised to find NO FEEDING TUBES! As of Monday, Madeline was doing much better eating, but we were more hesitant about Katherine. Katherine still is slow eating, reluctant to open her mouth, and often spits up. We were able to see their pediatrician, and he reassured us again that removing the feeding tubes was the best thing. He then told us the greatest news! Room-in with the girls at the hospital Wednesday and bring them home Thursday! 

I still didn't want to get my hopes up too much because neither of them had taken all their feedings on their own. Despite a few difficult/frustrating feedings overall they have done great! It has finally started to "click" with Katherine, but she is still a slow eater. At times I get anxious about bringing them home because putting on weight is SO important. If eating takes longer than 30 minutes they burn extra calories, if they are too cold they burn calories...so many things to factor in with premature babies. With all the worries and anxieties about having them out of the hospital, we could not be more thrilled to FINALLY be having our girls home! 

Madeline Grace: 5lb 7oz

Tube free!
I made her pose! Ready for those cords to be gone! 

Katherine Jane: 4lbs 11oz

Looking at Dad

Finally stopped screaming! ;)

We are so grateful the girls time in the NICU is coming to an end. I still don't feel like a "mom" at times. Matt and I are ready for sleepless nights, crying babies, and a lot of cuddling. I cannot wait to see them together! They have not touched each other since being inside me! I might just cry the first time they are side by side! Cannot believe God chose us to have these two precious, beautiful, healthy babies! 


  1. Most often, I read your posts from my phone or iPad, so I don't always comment. I have been thinking of you and your family so much. I am so thankful for the girls' good health, and I am so excited that y'all get to bring them home soon! Congratulations! There really is nothing much better than being a momma, promise!

  2. I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading about your journey. My twin girls Charlotte and Emerson were born five weeks early. They are five now but it seems like just yesterday we were in your shoes! Your girls are adorable!!!