Saturday, October 13, 2012

The girls' arrival

Tuesday morning around 5:00 they started inducing me and not long after that my doctor came to break my water. I was only at 2 1/2 cm, so he told us to expect about 1cm and hour..meaning it would be a long day. The contractions hit fast, with little to no breaks in between. Admittedly I have a low pain tolerance..okay very low pain tolerance. Haha I was able to breath through the contractions for several hours. Matt was great during this time! He kept me calm and even tried some humor here and there to make light of the situation. Once the big contractions hit, I was not so interested in the humor! ;) The nurse came around 8:00 to let me know the anesthesiologist was in surgery but would be here as soon as he got out. I made it about 15 minutes more of contractions until I was wanting to beg for the epidural! ;) Soon the door opened and in came relief! I had a great nurse that was SO calm. My body started shaking before the epidural, which made me nervous since someone was about to put a needle in my spine! I probably started shaking more from nerves. She helped me relax and helped me stay still during the epidural. Soon it kicked in! It was wonderful! ;) I have SO much respect for people who choose not to or are unable to have epidurals!

Around 10:30 I started to be able to feel pain on my right side more. The nurse came to double check it wasn't my bladder or something else before calling the anesthesiologist back. She quickly had a surprised look on her face, then said, "um, it's not your bladder...we are having babies." I'll be back. Suddenly Matt and I looked at each other and reality hit, we were about to have babies! Within a matter or seconds our room was filled with 9 people! Four nurses for the babies from the NICU, two nurses that just wanted to watch twins be born haha, my nurses, and eventually my doctor rushed in! He had to drive from across town and said he sped so fast! Praise God he didn't get a ticket because I don't think he would have made it! Even in the midst of all the rushing around and chaos I felt a peace. Matt has a calm nature which helped me just stay calm.

Three pushes later and little, tiny Katherine Jane entered the world at 11:18 am. There was no better sound than to hear her cry! It was hard to watch them take care of her directly across the room, yet still focus on delivering another baby! Matt was able to cut/trim the cord of Kate, then was quickly back by my side for round 2! A few pushes later and Maddie Grace arrived at 11:26. It was easily noticeable that Maddie was bigger. Matt was able to watch as the NICU team evaluated and clean up the girls. Matt and one of the nurses brought the girls back over to me to look at them before they were taken upstairs. It killed me not to be able to hold them and to have them wisked away.  

Matt went with the NICU team, the nurse cleaned up the room, and then our families were brought in. It was exciting to see them, yet weird because there were no babies to look at. Matt was able to take the families up to see the girls after they were settled in. 

Baby "A" Katherine Jane Marable Adams 3lbs 12oz
As Matt walked the families up to the NICU, I was left in the was silent...and I was alone. It was the strangest feeling and didn't quite now how I felt. Did I just have babies?!?!? They weren't there to hold, kiss, show off. It was silent...As I type this I tear up. I anxiously waited 9 months to meet the babies I had been carrying, dreamed about what they would look like, but they weren't with me. The moment I was able to look at them was so fast...would I even know which babies were mine? It was a rough moment of dead silence after the whirlwind of the past 24 hours. 

Baby "B" Madeline Grace Maricella Adams 4 lbs 6oz

After I was able to feel my legs again, we were taken up to our room in the Mother/Baby Unit. They wheeled me through the NICU to see the girls and talk to the NICU doctor first. I wanted to hold them, kiss them, and take them with me. I was/am abundantly grateful that they are here on this earth and I can touch them, yet it was still hard to not have them with us. Their NICU doctor informed us that overall they looked well, just very small. He was very glad they did not have to be put on oxygen, especially with their small size for 36 weeks (thank the Lord for my round of steroid shots that helped develop their lungs). He gave us a ballpark time frame of 3 weeks for Kate and probably less for Maddie. 

They took us to our room to get settled in, again babies just Matt and I looking at each other! haha It was hard for me to see the babies out in the rooms. It was really hard to hear them cry, knowing that their mom was able to hold them and comfort them. I was honestly jealous, yet SO thankful that my girls were here! They are finally here! :)


  1. I came over from Julee's Blog! Congrats on your precious girls!

  2. Congratulations! What beautiful babies and I love their names!

  3. I found you through Julee's blog as well. Congratulations and welcome to your beautiful girls. Many blessing to you and your family.

  4. Love the girls names. Congratulations on a job well done! Staying pregnant for 36 weeks is awesome! They will be home with you before you know it! Rest up and take care of you !

  5. I also came to your blog via Julee's blog. My daughter was born 4lbs 6ozs. And she is now 9-1/2 years old and 77 pounds! She was in the NICU for 3-1/2 weeks as her lungs weren't great. She needed to be 5lbs to be able to come home if I remember correctly. Rest up and be assured that your girls are in the best of hands. They will be home before you can blink and you will wonder why you didn't rest more now! God Bless.

  6. Amy,
    Congratulations on your sweet miracles! I am the founder of a nicu ministry called the Footprints Ministry. You can see more info at We do not have a chapter in your area but I would love to mail you two of our Footprints gift bags. Can you please email me your mailing address at Praying for your sweet miracles!

  7. Hi Amy!
    We don't know each other but you left a comment on my blog not too long ago and I have loved reading about your twin pregnancy. Congratulations on your precious girls! It's so great to see someone else go through pregnancy with mono/di twins. I have so many questions! What's funny is I think we have mutual friends somehow because my friend Elizabeth texted me the other day about your delivery and how much your girls weigh and said that she could put me in touch with you through a mutual friend she has with you. Then I realized it was you after reading your latest blog post. Just know your girls will be in my prayers....I can't help but stare at their sweet little faces. Thank you for encouraging message on my blog :)
    ~Amy Hill~