Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pregnancy has hit...35 weeks!

Weeks: 35 weeks! 
Let me start by saying I'm SO thankful my pregnancy has been fairly "easy." I was  able to exercise, stay active, avoid many symptoms, and avoid bed rest that seemed inevitable for most twin moms.
BUT...pregnancy has hit in full force. I feel lazy, yet get exhausted doing much of anything. My feet swell throughout the day and throb. I can't sleep well. The worst has been pain in the middle of my chest. Apparently it is due to my uterus being so big...ouch! 
Okay enough complaining! ;) I know it's all worth it! 

Size of Babies:We were hoping to find out their growth last Thursday at the specialist. They ended up just checking blood flow and fluid because it was too close to the last appointment to compare size. The specialist is SO informative and he has helped us understand what exactly is concerning and what is good. He was surprised how small of babies we were having (I'm 5'10" and Matt is over 6'). Again, it is okay if they are small...just not sick. We meet with him again Monday, will do a full ultrasound,  and will discuss if it is better for them to be "in" or "out." 

Size of Mom - I'm measuring 44 weeks! WOW! My weight gain has slowed, almost stopped...but the belly has definitely grown! I'm afraid the pregnancy waddle isn't far away...

Maternity Clothes - Same ole same ole...I'm SO ready to shop for some cute fall/winter clothes. I know this is months away though until I will probably feel like trying things on. 

Stretch Marks - Lotion, lotion, lotion...

Best Moments of the Week - 
Knowing that the girls are healthy. I still love hearing their heartbeats during the tests at my OB. Finding out that they have a head of hair at the specialist! Technology is amazing! 

Miss Anything - Grading papers...haha I went this week to help a friend grade papers at school. I use to dread grading 50+ papers, but it was fun to do it again. It always amazes me how you complain about something, but then as soon as it's gone you miss it! 

Cravings: Orange juice! Water! I've been so thirsty!
Movements -They are rolling all the time. A lot of hiccups in the past week. At one point they both had them, but not simultaneously. It was weird!
Symptoms - Chest pain, fullness, swelling, tired, hip pain...oh the joys! 
Mood - Counting down the days of calmness and relaxation...ready to meet them! 
What I'm looking forward to: Specialist appointment Monday. A beautiful weekend ahead!

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