Monday, September 24, 2012

Another milestone...34 weeks!

Maybe one day I'll take a picture somewhere other than our bathroom! haha This picture is blurry and makes my belly look smaller than it is! ;) 

Weeks: 34 weeks whew! The babies lungs are much more developed now, and they could make their appearance with a little less fear of problems. I had a round of steroid shots last week to help in lung development if they do have to come early.  

Size of Babies:We go back to the Maternal-Fetal Specialist Thursday, so we will have a better idea then. Hopefully they are well over 3 lbs! 

Weight Gain - It's started to slow a bit...I get anxious thinking about how in the world I'm going to get this amount of weight off. I'm not overindulging, eating balanced, and trying to stay as "active" as I can. These days I have to often remind myself that it isn't about me, but instead about helping two babies grow. Sometimes a hard reality when as women we put so much pressure on ourselves. 
Maternity Clothes - Yes! I'm down to rotating very similar outfits. I'm ready to have pants that I have to button! ;) 

Stretch Marks - I know I have more growing to go, but I'm going to contribute my lack of stretch marks to this:

I have applied Mustela lotion religiously from the beginning. It's not cheap, but has helped me feel like I'm doing something to prevent stretch marks. I know that people say it has nothing to do with lotion, but more about genetics...I have the genetics to have stretch marks...I'm sticking with the lotion being a life saver! :) 

Best Moments of the Week - 
Now can you tell how big the belly is?!?! 
I've been going twice a week to my OB for non-stress tests to monitor the twins. It has been such a relief to go in regularly, hear their heartbeats, and be reassured everything is okay. There is no better sound than to hear two, loud, fast heartbeats! 

Miss Anything -Being active. It's just harder and harder to get around! 

Cravings: I made chocolate-chip pumpkin bread this week! I don't know if it was due more to cooler weather/fall or pregnancy. 
Movements -I feel them more frequently, but not as many crazy kicks. Their legs are in the same spot right under my ribs! Fun! ;) 
Symptoms - This past week is the first time when I felt like I'm REALLY pregnant. My feet and hands get swollen, I get out of breath easily, can't bend over, can't sit comfortably, can't sleep well...But I'm SO thankful I've made it this long without feeling many symptoms! 
Mood - So ready to meet Katherine and Madeline! I want them to come safely and be healthy, yet I'm ready for this to come to an end! ;) Matt and I were talking about what they will look like, which gets me more and more excited. 
What I'm looking forward to: Our appointment Thursday with the specialist. Praying everything is progressing well. 


  1. Amy, I found your blog through a comment you left at "In This Wonderful LIfe". I saw you live in Little Rock and we just moved back to the area. I just wanted to encourage you with your journey of having twins. We have twin girls, too, who are 11. It's a whirlwind. Enjoy every second of your babies. There will be sleepless nights, there will be days when you don't know how you're going to get through it, but hang in there. God is your sustainer and He will carry you through. Blessings to you today!

  2. Oh Amy! You look so good. Healthy and happy. :) I’m just sitting here reading this thinking, “why in the world didn’t my specialist give me the steroid shot?!” and praising God that He has placed you in such great care. You have done SO well!!! I keep saying ‘yes! yes …’ to just about everything you’re writing remembering those extremely familiar/similar feelings. I agree about the stretch mark lotion. I applied religiously too! Looking forward to hearing good things after tomorrow’s appointment. :)