Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear teenage me...

I ran across several blogs that linked up to chatting at the sky to write letters to your teenage self. Maybe I tend to be a little introspective or like to contemplate the past, but I loved the idea of what you might say to your teenage self.

Dear teenage me,

      Your high school years will have its ups and downs. Hate to tell you, but you never truly feel like you find your "place." You will regret not playing sports...but the fear of failing will keep you from ever going back. This group of friends that you have now...that you spend every waking moment with after school and on the weekends...will be friends and memories that you think fondly of years later...but unfortunately when Em moves away, the group breaks apart. 

You emerse yourself in your youth group, often feeling like you just put on a happy face for the world to see. It would benefit you now if you would listen to everyone's comments on what a great person you are now...but it takes you a long time to ever feel worthy. 

You have loved going to FUGE every summer and dream about becoming a staffer....Guess what? You become one! It will be the greatest experience of your college days. God uses your experience and the people you work with to change your life forever. There are some tough days at camp, some good decisions, some not-so-good decisions, but God uses those around you to speak much needed truth to you. It is refreshing and changes your life. You will find confidence in your gifts, talents, and personality through camp...really you do! 
Unfortunately, there are some really dark days ahead. The insecurities, shame, and hurt will wreak havoc in your soul beginning in high school. You will try to hide it from everyone, but after many years of struggle you will finally surrender. Your family will stand by you, make the greatest financial sacrifice of their lives, and be amazed at the freedom you finally find. 

You will one day not always wear your hair in a ponytail...they come out with an amazing invention called a CHI! It straightens your hair. Oh and maybe you should grow out your bangs! ;) 

Your love for Dave Matthews Band will fade...I know it's hard to imagine that now. He gets old and not so cool anymore! 

You will go through two phases of trying to be "alternative," in the midst of trying to find your place. It doesn't work for you, and later will rejoice in the fact that you NEVER caved and got that tattoo!

The guy you are dating and think you will marry during college...doesn't happen. Great guy, but not for you. You will realize this at camp and make a very tough decision. Don't worry the most wonderful, patient, funny, perfect man for you will come along...just not until you are 23! You will struggle with the fears of being alone...but let me tell you it's well worth the wait. 

The friends you prayed for...they come in college! They will love you despite all your faults, and encourage you through your darkest days. 

Enjoy your not so pretty '92 red interior/exterior Toyota makes you humble. You will one day get a new car! :) 

Never say never...You will do many things you said you would NEVER do, both good and bad. Thank goodness for grace! ;) 

You won't become a missionary in Africa, or move to some big city for fun. You will be "boring" in your terms at the age of 27, living in Arkansas still, expecting twins, and a soon to become stay-at-home-mom. It's alright are happier than you could ever imagine! 

Don't wish your life away...enjoy the flies by too fast!


  1. So much of what we think is important during our teenage years turns out to be nothing at all. At times, issues are magnified and the power of God is minimized. I didn't come to know Jesus until about 23 but I know He was with my even in those hard years:). Enjoyed reading your letter. Congratulations on your daughters!