Friday, September 14, 2012

32 weeks, worried, waiting, relief

Quick pic before dinner

Weeks: 32 weeks almost 33! 

Worried: We went in for our 32 week appointment on Monday with my OB. They have started doing more ultrasounds since the twins are considered to be mono-di twins (one placenta/two sacs). After the ultrasound my doctor stated he was concerned because their measurements were "lagging behind." With mono-di twins the biggest concern is that one baby will get more blood flow, resulting in discrepancy of size. He referred us to a Maternal-Fetal Specialist to get a second opinion.

Waiting: We found out the soonest the specialist could get us in was Friday (today). I'm a worrier, always have been, probably always will be, so for me this week has been filled with anxiety. Wondering if they are moving enough, getting enough blood flow, if they would have to deliver them early...etc. It has also been a time of waiting and trusting in God's sovereignty and perfect plan. 

Relief: Our appointment took a total of 4 hours today! ;) I was dreaming of Chick-fila the last 2 of those hours! haha The sonographer did a full anatomy scan on both babies. I'm amazed they know what they are looking at! It all looks like little black dots to me! The doctor came in not too long after to give us the results. In the doctor's words they are both just "small, not sick small, but small." Overall their health and anatomy look great, but they still have a ways to go in size. It was such a relief to hear that there are no abnormalities, but we won't be fully "out of the woods" until they are delivered. The doctors only recommendation for me..."don't go into preterm labor." haha Okay I'll try my best! ;) I will be monitored twice a week by my regular OB, and every two weeks by the specialist. We were so thankful for answered prayers! 
Size of Babies: Today they estimated to be both about 3 lbs give or take. Their other measurements show them as about 2 weeks behind my original due date. This is okay, but close to being too far behind (another reason for more monitoring). 

Weight Gain - Still putting on a few pounds! ;) I was telling Matt how silly it was at the beginning of pregnancy I cared about what clothes I wore to the doctor to try to weigh less...ridiculous I know, but you probably did the same at some point! haha However, now I could care less what the scale says because I know that it is helping the girls grow! 
Maternity Clothes - Mostly all maternity, with a few regular. This week I wore a casual t-shirt type dress with jeans to church. My friend commented on my shirt being cute and if it was response was hopefully it will one day be a dress again! ;) 

Stretch Marks - Still in the clear!
Best Moments of the Week - Seeing the girls' heartbeats, wiggle, kick, swallow...all the signs of life! 

Miss Anything -Sushi! I'm really craving good sushi! Working out...I've decided to stop Crossfit for now until after pregnancy. I'm still going to walk, but as I get further along Crossfit workouts make me more paranoid that I'm going to do something to cause labor. 

Cravings: The other day I really wanted a Purple-vanilla milkshake from The Purple Cow...maybe this weekend! ;) 
Movements -Yes! Kate still moves more, but I have a better understanding of how Maddie is laying to monitor her movements. 
Symptoms - Some Braxton-Hicks contractions, especially at night. Heartburn increasing! 
What I'm looking forward to: Cooler weather, making pumpkin bread, decorating for fall, maybe watching the Razorback game...haha

I know I've said before how I have the most wonderful friends. As soon as we received the concerns at the appointment Monday I asked my friends to pray. Their emails, calls, texts, and reassurance in knowing they are coming alongside us in prayer is more than I could ever ask. My wonderful friend Sarah texted me this today...two perfect verses to cling to during this time: 

I don't see how people face trials without having faith to cling I haven't always run to the Lord first when a trial hits, and at times have run far away instead. I know that there is something to cling to when the fears of this world creep up...does that mean that God will make my life perfect? that mean that I'm guaranteed two perfectly healthy babies? I am guaranteed that He is at work and present! 

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  1. Love reading about that babies! So excited for you Amy! Cant wait to see them!