Monday, August 27, 2012

30 weeks

Never say you won't post a belly will! :) 

Weeks: 30 weeks! The end is in sight! Matt is trying to organize a betting spreadsheet for the twins arrival, weights, and lengths. He thinks I will carry them ALOT longer than I think! I haven't asked him what I'll win if I'm right! ;) 

Size of Babies:I had a doctor's appointment this morning, but they didn't do an ultrasound. I will have one in two weeks. Hopefully they are both well over 2 lbs and gaining everyday! 

Weight Gain - I can no longer do a pull up even using the bands to help at Crossfit due to the added 30 lbs....yes I just wrote to the public that I've gained 30 lbs! This is very much in the range I should be in for twins and being 5'10". I honestly don't care about the number, I just want to make sure they are growing!   I only gained 2 lbs since the last appointment. I can tell more in my face, arms, thighs, etc that I'm gaining. (I know it's only the beginning) 
Maternity Clothes - The wardrobe is getting more and more limited. I cannot express how ready I am for fall clothes! I can just throw on a cardigan and tank! 

Stretch Marks - Still in the clear!
Best Moments of the Week - 
1.Sitting by the pool during the cool evenings in NWA. 

2. Matt and I went to Fayetteville to relax and visit his family. 
3. We also spent some much needed time with Matt's high school friends. 
4. We met up with our friends the Turners (I forgot to take a picture). They (Margo, Doug, and the twins Caleb and Grace) have been in Honduras for a year. It was SO good to see them and catch up! 

Miss Anything -Sleeping through the night. Being able to bend over. Regular coffee!!

Cravings: Still nothing...I'm actually back to the point where nothing sounds very appealing. Not fun! 
Movements -Kate moves like crazy. I don't feel Madeline as much, maybe due to her position. Matt and I have contemplated switching their names to maybe better match personality...why not start the confusion already?!?!
Symptoms - Wednesday night I had my first "contraction." I woke up to pain in my abdomen like I had never felt before. Matt quickly woke up to my noises of pain. We were a little scared for about 10 minutes, but it didn't happen again. I unfortunately do not have a high pain tolerance, so I'm only dreading more what "real" contractions will be like. 
Mood - Getting more anxious and ready for them to be here. I woke up one day just feeling emotional for some reason. After trying on several outfits before church and only becoming frustrated, I warned Matt that the tears may flow. Thankfully there was no crying that day! ;) 
What I'm looking forward to: Another relaxing week! Football starts Saturday! 

Another picture from the weekend. Matt's grandfather lives with his parents. He started a morning and evening ritual a while ago now known as "spoons." He has a dachshund that he feeds canned food. It later turned into him giving the leftovers to the other dogs. Well, now he opens THREE cans of dog food and spoons out bites one by one for the dogs. When we come to visit, there is a total of six dogs ( one german shepherd, one dachshund, two pitbulls, and two who knows what kind of mix dogs). They sit patiently and wait for their turn. It's always funny to watch! 

Pearl, Bagel, Ethyl, Lily, Bula, Bella, Amps (grandpa), and Scott (Matt's brother) 

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