Monday, August 6, 2012

Easy DIY Onesies

I am a short project crafter! I enjoy doing crafty things, but I must finish them within a day or well...they never get done. For example, a few summers ago I wanted to make DIY roman shades out of painter's cloth. Well, I finished one and the other was just finished this last spring! haha I decided to give onesies a chance the other day. Here was the QUICK and EASY process! 

1. Prewash onesies due to shrinking.

2. Print off pattern or design and cut out.

3. Trace pattern onto rough side of Wonder Under. (They sell it by the yard at fabric stores). 

4. Cut out Wonder Under. Place rough side down onto back of fabric. Iron onto fabric for about 30 seconds. Let cool. 

5. Cut out fabric using Wonder Under pattern as a guide. Peel paper off the back. 

6. Iron fabric to onesie for about 30-45 seconds. Make sure all edges are down firmly. 

6. I hand stitched the edges of all the fabric to ensure they stayed. You can use a sewing machine if you are extra crafty! ;) The final product: 

*Just a side note. I bought Gerber brand onesies from Target in 0-3 months and 3-6 months. They run very small! The 3-6 month onesies are barely as big as other 0-3 month brands.*

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