Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Rock Baby Shower

Finally a picture of the two of us! 

This was actually one of our first attempts! Way too awkward! 

 Our friends were so great to host a couples baby shower. I think the girls were much more excited about it than the men! ;) The guys enjoyed watching the Olympics while we caught up on life. We had a ton of delicious mexican food. Plus Jordan's mother-in-law made this watermelon creation:

Hilarious and very impressive! 

Nicole modeling with the babies
They got me a mini-gluten free cake from Dempsey Bakery! Delicious! 

All the girls
Lair and I have been friends for almost 3 years now! We've never taken a picture (neither of us are picture people). I have been so blessed to meet her in Little Rock through church. We hit it off from the start and have walked through life together. We were married 3 months apart, and our girls will be about a year apart! 

I've spoken before about how blessed I am by my friends from college. Our relationships have grown and changed over time, and I don't thank God enough for them in my life! 

Michelle and Nicole 

Amy and Sarah (I was always called by my maiden name "Tippit" in college, and still to this day I am rarely called "Amy" by a college friend. If someone says "Amy" I'm assuming they are talking to Amy in the left of the picture. Confusing I know, but it works for us!

I received many great gifts, but these books were too cute!

Matt and I have been overwhelmed by other's generosity and kindness during this exciting time! We often wonder why the Lord has blessed us SO much! 

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