Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 months!

Katherine and Madeline turned 4 months old yesterday! Their growth and development this past month has made life so full of joy! How can you not love those precious smiles?!?!? 

Pictures again?!?!?

I don't know about this...
Okay...We will be happy!

But let's talk about it first!


-Weight: 4 month appt on Thursday! You now look like a real baby too me! Hoping you are for sure over 11 lbs!
-Your eating is all over the place...You take about 3-5 oz during the day, but then 7-8oz for the bedtime bottle! 
-0-3 month clothing
-Sleeping 7:30/8:00-7:15/7:30 for the past month! 
-Reaching for toys on your back and tummy, "talking" more, bringing everything to your mouth you can, 
-Love love love love love your dad! He makes you laugh the best!


-Weight: My itty-bitty girl! Hopefully you will be a solid 10lbs! Your features still are so small, and you still have the "preemie look" 
-0-3 months clothes...still pretty big on you! 
-Since increasing your Prevacid you have been eating well! Spit up has improved some too! I don't find it in your crib when waking you! You eat about 21-24 ounces a day every 3-3 1/2 hours.
-Sleeping 7:30/8:00-7:15/7:30...the other night was the first night you woke up in a month. Around 4:00 your head was smashed against the side, then around 6:00 your arm was stuck! You move all around your crib! The tacky "breathable bumpers" went up! 
-You talk ALL THE TIME! I leave the room, and I can hear you down the hall...not sure if you are talking to Maddie or yourself! Your favorite time to talk is after your bedtime bottle! Makes it hard to say goodnight! 

Whew! It has been a tough few weeks. We started unswaddling during naps probably a little too early, but they were fighting it so badly that we dropped them last month. Now during naps the "45-minute intruder" has hit! Things really have improved, and they have been able to get themselves back to sleep quickly. There were some very rough days where I felt helpless. I couldn't calm them down, no passies worked (I've tried them all!), and the only thing that worked was to rock them...well that isn't always possible with two babies for a 1 1/2-2 hour nap! I knew they were still tired, but just couldn't self-soothe. I prayed for much wisdom during this time. I laughed the other day as I was praying thinking about how great our God is that he will listen to my simple prayers about naptime! ;) I don't mind them crying some...I've set myself a time limit for when I go in to soothe...and have really understood their cries more. It's such a battle to do what is "right" in the sense of what will help them in the long run, yet still provide and care for their needs. Things have improved, and I feel like I am able to just take it for what it is right now! 

First off...thank you to everyone who has sent encouraging comments or messages to me. I know that all moms have been in my shoes whether it is with eating or something else! 
We have seen an improvement in the girls since the increase. Things are still uncomfortable at times, it seems to be the worst after their meds?!?! At times you can hear their stomach churning! Maddie has really responded to me holding her while I feed. With twins you really miss out on the intimacy of feeding, so I have tried to really take advantage of those moments. 

The months are flying by, we could not feel more blessed, and we look SO forward to the months ahead! 

"Watch over thy children, oh Lord, as their days increase. Bless and guide them wherever they may be, strengthen them when they stand, comfort them when discouraged or sorrowful, raise them up if they fall, and IN THEIR HEARTS MAY THY PEACE WHICH PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING ABIDE ALL THE DAYS OF THEIR LIVES, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen." 


  1. I "found" your blog via Kelly's Korner not long after your girls were born. We also have identical twin girls who will turn 9 months old on the 15th. The naps will improve. I know that's so hard to believe right now. We had a horrible time 1) getting the girls to nap and 2) getting them to nap at the same time. For the past 2 months or so their schedule has become very consistent, the naps have improved & lengthened. It's so nice & they're so much happier. Just keep doing what you're doing & it will all of a sudden click with them. Good Luck! ~Jessica