Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby #3

When you have twins first it is difficult to know how to refer to the next baby! Technically it will be baby #3, but my second pregnancy, and feels like it will be the second child in many ways. Poor thing will hopefully not hold it against me that I have hardly blogged about this pregnancy, and probably won't much. Two toddlers keep me busy! 

For our memory I want to write about from the beginning...

-We found out the week of the girls' 1st birthday. I was barely 4 weeks along. Never thought I would be pregnant at their birthday! 

-Only told parents until 8 week appointment. Matt looked up the statistics of having twins again. Since Kate and Maddie were considered identical, the odds of having twins again were 1/10,000...:) Our sweet doctor double checked during the ultrasound to assure us there was just one baby! :) 

-The first trimester I was nauseated ALL day long. Never threw up...just sick all day. I NEVER felt like that the first time around.

-As a friend said..."your body just knows how to stretch." I'm showing much more than pregnancy 1! I'll be honest and say I have only worked out twice with this pregnancy...with Kate and Maddie I did Crossfit until 7 months. Recovery might not be as quick this time around! ;)

-We told close friends around 12 weeks, then made it public about 16. I'm almost 18 weeks. Anatomy scan/gender reveal on Jan. 22!

-I forget I'm pregnant...haha I had SO many doctors appointments and ultrasounds with the twins that I always had it on my mind. I was able to see the girls through ultrasounds about every 2 weeks. This time around I feel a little disconnected at this point, I know as the baby grows and I start to feel movement things will change! 

-My prayer from day one of finding out...BIG, healthy baby that gets to come home with us!!! I don't know why that makes me emotional to type, but it does. Something so normal for most, is a dream for me. To hold my baby after they are born as long as I want...visitors to hold the baby...and to leave with the baby. I've never experienced that joy. Just the sadness and heartache of being distanced. I just can't wait for those moments, oh how I pray I'm blessed to experience those moments, the moments many take for granted that I will cherish forever. 


  1. Prayers for that healthy baby growing!!!


  2. Congratulations!! How exciting! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. And praying you get to love on that sweet baby from the first moment she or he arrives!