Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun

We stayed in Fayetteville this Christmas to celebrate with Matt's family. 
My grandmother and Maddie
My parents went to North Carolina to visit the other half, so we convinced my grandmother to come stay with us for the holiday. 

Aunt Margaret and Kate
On Christmas Eve we always have gumbo at Matt's aunt and uncle's house. The table seems to keep expanding year after year! Kate and Maddie did great skipping nap, and were happily entertained by cousins, aunts, and uncles. We ran home for a quick nap, then to church for the Christmas Eve service. 

Christmas morning was SO much fun with Kate and Maddie. I know as they grow older, it will only become more fun! Santa brought big floor pillows and stocking stuffers. Pretty sure they would have been more than content with their toothpaste, bath toys, crown, etc. in their stocking! They also opened clothes and one toy each. Kate got a Little People Bus, and our animal lover got a veterinarian kit. 

After breakfast and a quick nap, we headed over to Matt's parents to join the fun there!
Maddie and Amps 
Maddie is a little attached to Aunt Carolyn!

Kate and Matt's dad

Matt's brother bought Kate and Maddie and all-terrain wagon for the "farm." Maddie's expression shows exactly how much they love it! 

Finally convinced my grandmother to sneak in a picture! She is 92, and unfortunately I don't think I have any of her amazing genetics! ;) 

Matt and I have said over and over how enjoyable Christmas was this year. Kate and Maddie's age made things much easier, and we enjoyed quality time with family. I'm in awe every year as I look at the girls, that our Savior came just like them into this world. As a baby, toddler, child, and adult to make the ultimate sacrifice for us. What else do we need?! 

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