Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1st Birthday!

I'm SO behind on blogging! We celebrated Kate and Maddie's first birthday a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, both girls were dealing with a stomach virus the whole birthday week! Kate struggled to get well, and was not herself during the party! It was sad to see her so upset, but we all know the stomach virus makes you feel horrible! 

We are so thankful to some friends and family for making this day special! The girls so graciously gave the stomach virus to Matt's parents...so they were unable to make it. We felt so bad the way everything happened!

My parents and grandmother got the girls Cozy Coupes! They are obsessed! We have used them in the house a lot, because it has suddenly turned to winter here! Ugh!

Aunt Sarah made the trip! 

My dad and Kate
Our good friends, Joe and Mavis (okay probably Mavis picked it out!), sent the girls new dresses and sparkly shoes. Maddie has been obsessed with adult shoes for some time...Once she discovered there are shoes her size, she was SO happy! Maddie would not take them off, and pitched a FIT at bedtime when I wouldn't let her sleep with them! haha

As we predicted Maddie LOVED the cake...Kate was less than thrilled about it! ;(

Matt and I can't believe how Kate and Maddie are already 1! We are so thankful for those that love our girls and made this celebration special! 

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet girls! Mine are turning 6 months old tomorrow! Where does the time go!?