Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1 Year Stats

Kate and Maddie have come a LONG way from here!!

3lb 12oz............................................4lb 6oz


My very first memory of you is seeing your TINY bottom! You were so small, and still are our little, bitty Kate-Kate. Since I first laid eyes on you, I thought you looked just like your this day you still do! From your first days in the NICU, you have been active and determined. You are into everything, and quickly figure out solutions to problems. Everyday you are doing something silly that makes us laugh! You are a JOY, and have the CUTEST crinkled nose smile! Kate you are independent, a talker, and I pray you do great things!

-16lb 5oz (Weight check in 4 weeks. Our pediatrician is not too concerned about where Kate is. If she doesn't gain well in the next month, then we will discuss other options. She is just our petite girl!)
-27in long
-10 teeth! ;(
-Dad says you caught this from Lily, but you often crawl quickly, with your tongue out, and make a panting noise! haha
-You constantly point to things and say "dis," translated "this." So we name EVERYTHING around!
-One of the reasons you aren't walking yet is you don't know how to SLOW DOWN! haha When you push the walker around the house it's at lightning speed. Same when we hold your hand to walk. I'm afraid once you are confident taking many steps, I'm going to be chasing you even more!
-You finally eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD! You LOVE all meat! Recent favorites are pork chops, curry chicken, spaghetti, grapes, and green beans. You still have a strong love for peas! 
-Obsessed with being outside, and you get VERY unhappy if we can't go out! 



I remember the first time I was able to hold you (for 5 minutes!). I've never loved someone so much, that I didn't even know. You have the sweetest grin that could win anyone over. I think you know it can charm us! Oh, how you are strong willed, and maybe a little on the stubborn side! ;) I know those traits will come in handy someday! You love to cuddle more and more! Maddie Grace you are tender-hearted, spirited, lovable, and a joy!!

-17lbs 4oz
-27 1/2 in
-9 teeth
-You LOVE cats!!! (We will not be getting one). If I need to cheer you up, I just say "cats" or name Matt's parents' instantly smile and giggle. You squeal and chase the cats around for hours!
-Still few words...but you sure know what we are saying! ;) I can now say, "let out the water" in the tub and you pull the stopper up to let it out. You sure love to babble to Kate in your twin language!
-You make a fish noise when we ask what a fish says
-Standing up in the middle of a room is your new trick! You are so proud of yourself!
-You haven't been as interested in food lately. You have almost fully transitioned to whole milk. New food favorites are sweet potatoes, curry chicken, pork chops, spaghetti, and brownie! ;) 

Matt and I both agree that this has been the hardest, yet greatest year for us! From the high-risk pregnancy, NICU stay, feeding issues, growth problems, and just the chaos of twins it has been tough! But there have been SO many joy-filled moments, and we wouldn't change it for anything! 

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