Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy 10 Months!

Happy 10 Months!

My favorite age so far! Oh my, they are two fun babies! There are tough moments having twins, but right now I often think "one baby would be kind of boring!" haha Kate and Maddie's interactions are precious to watch. They laugh, talk, play, and sometimes already fight. I'm pretty sure Maddie pushed Kate down out of frustration the other day! ;) They interact with us and it seems everyday they do something new!


-Weight: hopefully still look SO tiny!
-6-9 month clothes more for length. Pajamas that fit you right are hard to find.
-SEVEN teeth! The 8th one is starting to show this week!
-You are on the go...up, down, crawling, starting to cruise and stand on your own some.
-Love your bumpers! I find you lounging on them most of the time I come to get you!
-Your favorite thing to do is crawl, jump into your carseat (they are in the living room to carry in/out), stand up, and rock back-n-forth. 
-Say "bo" for book, "Hi, da-da," and many other say mama some, but not to me
-You love to wave...but are often a little delayed! haha You have just started signing "all done"
-You race for the curtains...when I tell you "no," you smile...then crawl away laughing into the curtains...I see much of this in our future! ;)
-Love the Llama Llama series books and "I Love You Through and Through"


-Weight: Hopefully around 16-17lbs
-6-9 month clothing, moved you to size 3 diapers even though they are a little big. Too many size 2 disasters
-Six teeth
-On the go just like Kate...up, down, crawling fast!, cruising a little, and working on standing alone
-As soon as you wake up, you crawl over towards Kate's bed, stand on the bumper, and try to peak over...
-You are funny about stuffed animals...We can't tell if you are afraid or think they are real. We recently pulled out a larger stuffed "talk" to us all about it, crawl away from it, and hesitantly touch it...It is pretty funny to watch!
-Everything is "da-da" or "ga-ga." You say it with such meaning and facial expressions! :) 
-Love to clap and then you say "da" which translated means "Mom, do Patty-Cake." If it don't start Patty-Cake you repeat clap...then "da" until I start! :)
-I have to watch you closely because you try to eat everything...fuzz, dirt, strings, hair...anything that is on the ground or your hand. 
-Your favorite book is called "Baby Ba-Ba." We can just say the title and you smile. You LOVE any books with animals or real pictures of people. 


-Bedtime is between 7:15-7:30...and wake still between 6:30-7:00. At home they laugh or talk when waking early. Lately, whoever wakes first is often squealing or talking loudly towards the other.
-Kate loves her bed...she did NOT sleep well while in Fayetteville for several days. She would also SCREAM every time I laid her down for sleep. The first night we were back I laid her down for the night, she grinned at me, and just laid down! haha
-Two naps still...about 1hr-1 1/2 each. Morning nap is still the best...and on the RARE occasion one baby will take a longer afternoon nap. It's hard to nap longer when your best friend wants to wake you up and talk!

-4 bottles/day...still just around 20-25oz/day
-3 solid meals. I can tell in the past few weeks how much their appetite and interest in finger foods has grown!
-Maddie has the hang of a sippy cup, Kate still likes to chew on it more!
-Maddie's favorites: banana, cheese, quinoa, green beans, avocado
-Kate's favorites: cheese, eggs, Dempsey bread, rice noodles, avacado, squash, blueberries
-Matt and I decided to keep Kate and Maddie gluten free until at least 1 year,then we may or may not test it out a bit. With my history and the fact that we eat/shop/cook gluten free at home it makes more sense. 

This was your last monthly picture in Little Rock! :( Headed to NWA next week, and before we know it you both will be turning 1! 

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