Monday, July 22, 2013

Family Lake Day

Poor Kate had reached her limit! ;(

We headed up to NWA this past weekend for several reasons, but ended up timing it perfectly for a family lake day! It was a gorgeous day, especially for July in Arkansas! 

Could these two look more alike?!?

Maddie Grace and I 

The girls LOVED the boat and have always enjoyed water! 

Maddie taking it all in

Cousin Stuart teaching Kate to drive

We were so thankful for some time away from home, time with family, and a beautiful day outside!

Aunt Emily playing with the girls

Kate LOVES Uncle Scott

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  1. Found your blog through Julee's. would love to swap emails to discuss twin schedules, etc. my boy/girl twins were born at 31 weeks in April and spent exactly 1 month in the NICU. My email is