Monday, January 14, 2013

Bill and Clutter Organization

This use to be the corner counter in our kitchen. It functions as a bill payment center, mail sorter, but inevitably ends up being a "catch all." I cannot stand stacks! haha Stacks of clothes, stacks of mail, stacks of anything...everything needs a place and things get lost in stacks. 

Not long ago I had enough with the stacks! I had previously tried different ways of organizing bills and the clutter, but have now finally found a system that works. I purchased a large/cute file box from Target, then labeled the file to match our clutter. 

It helps hide the chaos or mess in a cute way! So when visitors are over I'm not feeling like I have to hide all the paper mess!

I also use my Erin Condren planner for bill payment! 
(The weeks are the age of the twins! NOT another pregnancy!)

As soon as I get a bill in the mail, I write its due date on the calendar. The bill is then placed in the "to pay" folder. Once the bill is paid and mailed, I mark it off! It has helped me stay on top of bills so much!

Easy, simple organization to help with the paper clutter!

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