Saturday, December 29, 2012

A VERY white and crazy Christmas week

The babies' first Christmas was pretty eventful! My parents came down to Little Rock to celebrate with us. It was different, but nice having Christmas at our house. The twins received many gifts, and we talked about how much louder next Christmas will be! I feel overly blessed this holiday season! 

FaceTime with the Adams family

Maddie smiling at my dad
The forecast called for sleet and snow on Christmas night. Typically in Arkansas you don't get your hopes up for snow because it just doesn't happen very often. The freezing rain started coming down late Christmas afternoon, at that point we knew it wasn't going to be good! Our neighborhood always looses power due to so many trees, so we cranked up the heat just waiting for it to go off. Sure enough, around 10:00 Christmas night we lost power. At that point the freezing rain transitioned to snow. We awoke the next morning to about 8 inches of snow, and a house that was 50 degrees! If it was just Matt and I, we would just be cold...but with two babies it is more difficult. Thankfully we have wonderful friends with a generator that let us camp out. We were so grateful that the Lansden's let two adults, two babies, and two dogs disrupt their typically quiet home! The power company was estimating up to 7+ days without power...not good! But, to our surprise and excitement yesterday the power came back on! I failed to take pictures of the initial snow, but here are some after all the melting.

The damage in our back yard

Our day got just a little crazier after getting home. I was feeding the girls on the couch in the afternoon. I turned to pick up Kate to burp thing I knew Maddie was facedown on the carpet. She had pushed back hard enough to flip off the Newborn lounger,and landed on her head. I freaked! !! I knew that she was probably "okay," but also didn't want to take it lightly. I called the pediatrician's office, and they suggested taking her to Children's ER just to check. It was hard figuring out what to do with Kate! Matt rushed home, took care of Kate, and I went to the ER. A friend who works at the hospital met us in the ER to make sure we got in quickly! ;) They checked her out,  then wanted to observe at least until 4 hours past the time of the accident, and were trying to avoid doing a CT scan. All went well and we were home for bath time! I'm SO thankful she was okay! 

Hoping and praying the next few weeks are much less eventful! 

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