Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding a name...

Choosing your child's name is a lot of pressure! ;) One name is hard enough, much less coming up with two! We asked both sides of the family about names of their mother, their mother's mother, etc. Needless to say the Tippit and Adams families have southern country names in our heritage: Lila Jean, Juanita Coreen, Betty, Lucy Fern, and that's just the women...Not necessarily names that our girls would appreciate us giving them. So as much as we wanted some heritage in our girls names, the names weren't working with us! ;) 

One "tradition" we did want to continue is the girls having 2 middle names. All three of Matt's sisters have 2 middle names: 1 typical middle name and 1 family last name. I wanted our girls to have the same, so that in some way they carry on part of the family. 

Baby A is now:

Her full name will officially be Katherine Jane Marable Adams 

1. Katherine has been a girl name choice from the beginning. She will be called "Kate." There isn't much significance other than my mom's name is Kathy and my middle name is Kathleen, so it has the "Kath" in it. haha. 
2. We went back and forth on middle names, but finally landed on Jane. Yes, her name is as traditional English as it gets! ;) 
3. Marable is my mother's maiden name. My maternal grandmother is still active at almost 91! She has played a significant part in my life and has been the lone grandparent for many years. My grandfather passed away when I was very young, but was a prisoner of war in Japan during WWII. They will both always be remembered through Katherine's name. 

Baby B is now: 

Her full name will officially be Madeline Grace Maricella Adams

1. I had the pleasure of teaching a sweet girl named Madeline (Maddie) for two years. I loved the name and she was a special student to me, so the name had good connotations! 
2. Grace is used often, but it is such a great name! It goes with everything, and I pray it will always be a reminder to Maddie of God's grace towards her. 
3. Maricella is Matt's maternal grandmother's maiden name. "Gram" as she was called was a huge influence in Matt's life. She was a faithful follower of the Lord and loved her grandchildren with all her heart. 

Now we just have to wait a few more months to meet them! :)

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  1. I was smiling reading the first one b/c my middle name is Jane, then I immediately started crying when I saw Madeline Grace!! We love these babies already!! :)