Thursday, September 12, 2013

11 Months!

11 months! Seriously?!? Can't believe it! The past months have flown by! I never understood why moms got teary-eyed thinking about their babies turning I get it! :)

What is life like with twins?!?...this:
-Weight/length: Maybe around 16-17lbs...still very light!

-8 teeth, and Dr. Bowen felt your molars coming in...ah!
-You are rarely called Kate still...usually Kater, Kate-Kate...and now Tots...(Kater-tot turned into just tots). I'm sorry again...
-Say bye-bye, daddy, "bo" (book), "bu" (Bula-dog), and other twin language jabber
-Clap, wave, and put your hands up when I say "Where's ______?" 
-Cruising some, walking with the walker, and standing alone a interest in walking while we hold your hand! 
-Love to lay on blankets or pillows...maybe you will cuddle eventually!
-Throwing things is hilarious...balls, toys, unfortunately food too...
-Going to bible study on have had a little harder time skipping a nap and being away. Last week you were all smiles!
-You used to eat you rarely will try anything besides cheese, toast, or peas...if it's too mushy or slimy you will not touch it. Eat little one eat! ;)


-Weight/Length: getting heavy! :) Plus a cute little roll on your legs! 

-8 teeth, molars coming too!
-We are just going to pretend you are saying things...haha...lots of twin jabber and when you really get talking the finger gets moving!
-You like to crawl over to the dog toys, wave your little finger, and jabber as if to repeat back to me "no, Lily's toys." 
-You are a biter...not when you are mad, you just put your face to everything and bite..
-Shoes are your favorite. You put your hands in them and crawl around...then I have to take them away after you start licking them...;)
-A little attached to Dad! :)
-They LOVE you in the nursery! You are a such a mess and love attention!
-Super messy eater! You spread your food everywhere and shovel it into your mouth. 
-Favorite foods: Avocado, banana, toast, puffs, cheese, peas

-Moving has been the best thing for Kate and Maddie's sleeping...maybe their room really was that loud in Little Rock, or maybe we have hit a consistent time in their development...either way I'm one happy, and more relaxed mom! (Or the lime green and neon pink walls of their new room may be calming! haha...will be changing soon!)
-Still morning and afternoon nap. Afternoon naps have been better, usually 1hr 30 minutes-2hrs. I've loved one on one time if Kate or Maddie wake up before the other. I can actually sneak in/out of their room!
-Down by 7:30 still...waking closer to 7:00...but Maddie decided to have a party at 6:00 two mornings lately! 
-They almost always talk/laugh to each other when we lay them down

-4 bottles still of regular formula. Usually 5-7oz. I thought they were starting to drop a feeding earlier, but have picked back up.
-Drink milk and water out of a sippy cup finally! I know I should start switching their bottles to sippy cups, but with as little as they are I want them to take in plenty of ounces! 
-Started to not take purees...then I switch to all finger SUPER picky about finger foods, and have had to go back to some purees...ugh! Trying not to stress about it and praying they will eat more as we get closer to 1 year!
-First reaction to foods. I gave them hummus the other day...both broke out in a rash on their faces. 

Our next monthly post will be for their birthday celebration! I will not be getting the mom of the year award for your birthday! Lucky to get invites out and have a cake! ;) 


  1. I can help with the birthday if you need it :)

  2. Giiiiirrrrrl. I remember the whole switching foods and throwing food and deciding they don’t like to eat food anymore phase. I feel like so much of what you are writing happened with us, too. Even the way your girls jabber more than actually talk just cracks me up thinking back to this time last year. Their language was hilarious. Loved reading your update on the sweet girlies!