Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Months!

5 Months!
The girls turned 5 months on the 9th. I wanted to wait to post until after we went in for a weight check. I have felt challenged by the Lord to pray boldly and with expectation. I often pray knowing that God will do as he pleases, but not always expecting him to answer. So the past few weeks I have prayed for the girls to be 11 and 12 lbs. That would mean that would each gain over a pound in 1 month! It would be big! Well...

-11 lbs even!!!
-0-3 month clothes, but those are getting too short...3-6 are a big jump in size!
-size 1 diaper
-starting to really grab hold of things better and reach for what you want
-still love to "talk"
-you laugh at random things...every time I take your arm out of a shirt you's so cute! 
-your head control is slowly improving :) 
-you still roll belly to back, but just show a little effort to go back to belly except in your crib at night! 
-you move ALL over your crib at night, but almost always end up in the same spot against the side
-you have been very content lately to just sit and observe! I thank you for that! ;) 
-Eat 5 times a day...I could merge two feedings, but for now I want to offer you food as often as possible
-Bedtime bottle at 7:00, down by about sometimes wake earlier than Maddie, but usually 7:15


-12lbs 2oz!!!
-moving into 3-6 month clothes, especially for the length
-size 2 diapers
-you are a toy hog! If you see Kate with a toy, you do all you can to get it from her! 
-you have been super fussy the past week...just not get easily frustrated...can't really tell what is going on! 
-Your hand and fingers are constantly in your mouth...with your recent fussiness I wonder if it's teeth...
-A thumb sucker getting to sleep...Dr. Fourmy and Dr. Bowen will have a good patient!;)
-you can gorilla sit for a short time, and have started to reach for toys while "sitting"
-rolling belly to back...and really, really close to back to belly (it's the desire for toys that motivates you!)
-you hardly move in your sleep...and I never hear a peep from you (knock on wood)
--Eat 5 times a day...I could merge two feedings, but for now I want to offer you food as often as possible
-Bedtime bottle at 7:00, down by about 7:30...then wake at 7:15

I am SO grateful that the girls sleep about 12 hours a night! It makes for a happier mom and dad! But...naps are about to wear me out! I HATE nap time! haha Most parents can't wait for naps to get a "break." girls aren't the biggest fans of naps. The morning nap is good 85% of the time...It's all the "45-minute intruder problem." Their morning nap is usually 1hr-1hr 1/2. Their afternoon nap...well is almost always a disaster! ;( Last week I put them down 15 minutes later and it seemed to be the "perfect" solution, because they napped great for about 4 days. Then I didn't change a thing and chaos hit! It's really hard to let them "cry it out" with twins. They don't typically wake each other up, but sometimes do...then you are stuck having to decide how to intervene. I can handle fussiness and crying...but does true "crying it out" mean letting them scream/cry to the point of sounding like they can't breath...this momma can't take that...I've tried...we all end up crying! :) I was praying/hoping it was a 4 month thing and would I'm stuck to find a "solution." I'm trying to take it for what it is, but some days it's too much. They really are on a great routine and do really's just these darn naps! 

Feeding has been GREAT! The lightbulb finally went off, and they both want to eat! They are taking 25-30oz a day! Both girls get Prevacid twice a day, and we hope to eventually wean them off of it down the road. They have been taking Enfacare still to get the extra calories (22cal/oz). But with their great weight gain the pediatrician said to offer them a few times a day some of the frozen breastmilk I have remaining...if they take it great...if not give them formula. I was THRILLED to here this! I have a freezer full...and that was ALOT of hours! Plus it will be good for them...the bad news is it goes "bad" here in the next month...So hoping for the best! 

A year ago we thought/hoped we were pregnant with one little boy...hahaha God has a sense of humor and blessed us with two precious girls....I wouldn't change it for anything. They bring such joy to our days...even the tough days! 


  1. Haha, Amy, I just laughed thinking about how you and I used to say we didn't want girls. I happen to think these little girls couldn't have been blessed with a better momma! Glad things are going well! Brent and I need to see y'all soon!

  2. I found your blog through your mom. I have twin girls who are now 3 1/2, and I LOVED reading your posts. That is exactly where we were 3 years ago... Except for the sleeping thing. Sleeping all night is great! (My 6 month old now does not do that yet.) And hang in there with naps. Twins is a constant juggling act. Would love to share twin stories with you sometime. It's like nothing else in the world. ;)

  3. Just came across your blog, what cute little girls, you are so blessed. I am sure that you are also very busy, by the sounds. I never had twins but did have two girls 12 months and 5 days apart, I always wanted twins, HAHA I loved having them so close, they are still super close, I hope the same goes for your girls. I was owndering if you don't mind me asking why you didn't want girls? I hope I am not imposing, just thought it was funny.